As a leader I knew early on that I set the pulse in a room with how I entered, what I know now is the body I occupy when arriving. With training, I can now decide, before I enter, what body I am in. That’s a game changer. It has calmed down so many interactions that I cannot count them all!

Kendall Jackson,
Allegheny Woodworks

I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish on the farm- and I thought about what you said… I managed about double what I sought out to get done today.  And instead of checking off a list and looking for something else to do I sat down. Currently watching A eat a cookie.  Resting as you say. 

Holly Morgan Tilett,
Tillett Farm

The work my team did (with you) was a catalyst to creating an open dialogue on my team with respect to health and wellness. Many of my team members have acknowledged the difference it has made for them and their families to put the tools and processes in place to create a more balanced and peaceful life.

We began engagement in our work on Effectiveness and Presence at the same time that we were also starting a journey to create a safer environment within the workplace…we reduced our injuries by 50% each year. While there were many new tools and processes put in place, I think that the work with your team allowed my leaders to connect with their personal commitment to every person’s health and wellness in their organization. From that context, we were able to create an environment where Safety was more than mandates and processes, it was clearly a heartfelt commitment and value that took hold throughout our region.

This is only a small start, and I wanted to at least provide a couple of critical items as acknowledgement of the contribution your work and our partnership has made to my team.

Thanks so much… 

KJ, Fortune 50 Bottling Industry

“Already using upset is optional with a beloved friend colleague as we both came in too hot in a convo today and were able to de-escalate and actually both notice why and that we were so tense right away. Actually led to some much deeper understanding.”

Liz Appel

“So far I have healed most of my own ptss symptoms, I learned to navigate my kids without drama, I had some PMS symptoms gone! Hip pain? Gone, neck pain? Gone! And I learn to see where my own leaks are in business and personal live, in team and know how to get out of them. How to spot money and or service with body sensation, kinda endless really. Yesterday Jade called what she does acupuncture without needles. Can you imagine how I will train my consultants?! Yep with these methods indeed. And can you imagine what it will do to landscape and our consultancy clients? They will be one after a session with one of our consultant’s. Humans and landscape as perfect symbiosis.”

Dr. Grey

Typically our end of year celebrations at FINRA are a lunch where people say thanks for the good work or a happy hour or something like that – which although fun don’t really specifically acknowledge the individuals.

 Because of you – both the practices you’ve shared and the specific examples you’ve given for what this could be – I’ve truly come to learn the following:

 1)  Make the acknowledgement very specific so it truly can be heard and land for the person receiving it.    Pause to let the person really take it in, don’t rush past the experience of it.

2)  Acknowledgement matters tremendously.

3)  By design, when doing something of this scale to acknowledge three teams of people, an entire team requires design to be as impactful as possible.

 What resulted was a 2 hour celebration that I say made a tremendous impact in thanking them for all they do day in and day out and who they are.    In my history of being in corporate america I have never experienced something like this before. Two separate people (my boss and one of my manager’s) welled up during it and were unable to speak.    I could hear Bob so clearly in my head “Let yourself be moved” so I didn’t rush to do anything except let everyone feel what they were feeling.

 One of our team members works directly with our customer and I knew it was their opinion that would matter most to her.   So I reached out to the entire customer team and asked them to help me thank her and got a tremendous outpouring. Attached is what we presented to her in front of the entire customer team.   This mattered to her so much she shared it with her entire family and it’s now making its way throughout the related village in India and she used it as a way to thank her Mother In Law who has been instrumental in her life.

   Knowing how much it means for our teams to hear directly from the customer we support we asked them if they would be willing to make little videos we could share with everyone in the celebration.    Not only did they do it, which has never been done before at our company, it became it’s own extravaganza and wonderful fun experience for one of my managers. We ended up with 8 videos including skits the customer put together.   

 Because we say how we work together matters, we had separate awards for each of the 3 teams.    For 3 of the team values we had the teams vote on who they thought most demonstrated the being of it.

 I have a colleague and dear friend who I have been talking with for months to join our team.   I had tried many ways to describe how what we are creating together is different than what he was experiencing on his project and in other areas of the company.    A few weeks before this celebration he decided to join us on our team and he was at this celebration. At the end he came up to me and said you don’t have to try to explain it anymore, I just experienced how different this is.

 Thank you !!   Kathy 

Kathy Kidd, FINRA

And so I have this whole like process of I’m not gonna bail, I’m going to be with this. And I’m not going to hurt myself. I’m not going to allow this person to derail my day because she put some words on my pocket computer. And then I sort of tried to breathe. It was almost like I tried to rush the the tools. And then because I rushed the tools, they couldn’t work their magic. And so I actually physically had to, Take your hands off the keyboard, and just be present and do the thing.  And then that was when it dissipated. And I was like, Wow, am I a wizard now? Am I like Gandalf or something? 

Erika Tebbens

This is an amazing opportunity! It amplifies your current skills as a human.  Relationship building, treatment enhancement, personal development, business skills, conflict resolution and much more! 

Kristin Huza, All ages Acupuncture

Jade is a wise, compassionate and self-aware leader who tolerates no bulls*t 

To be specific, you ask meaningful questions and engage people by challenging but not attacking them.  You use humor and humility without self- deprecation to teach crucial concepts.  The world is already better because you and Duggan Days are in it.  Thank You.

Jen Hayashi, Medstar 

“The impact of Upset is Optional has affected the office environment. The folks in this high paced, quick response group are very passionate and the idea that we can continue to be passionate as well as understanding that Upset is Optional is a new way for us. The environment has changed from that of them vs. us to a more colaborative one in which we see, now, being upset merely places more stumbling blocks in the way and gets us nowhere. This teaching has enabled us to hear fully what the other has to say, choose not to be upset and then move to a team solution.”

“For the first time in over 30 years I was able to be acknowledged and actually able to take the acknowledgement in. I had always pooh-pooh’ed the acknowledgement before and then thought to myself I was not acknowledged. I am now able to stop, listen to the thank you and take it in and I realize the thanks was there all along. It wasn’t that I wasn’t noticed or acknowledged before it was that I was the one tossing it away.”

NSA Participants

I have a better relationship with my body, my family, my team, my clients, and my patients, than I ever thought possible (yes, even after decades of therapy!!). Jade is one of the most gifted and kind question-askers I have ever met. If you are stuck, uncertain, or can’t work out the energetic math of how to realize your vision for a better world, Jade is your person.

On the surface, it may not seem like it adds up. But from experience, this is truly a practice that is radically more than the sum of it’s parts. Quantum shift is the way I describe my experience of working with Jade in the past 2.5 years.


Julie Bear Don’t Walk, L.Ac.

There is much progress; I have practiced every day. (I have failed twice, but they were so much in contrast with the practice that they helped me realise what I want even more significantly).

I feel a lowering of my center of gravity, and a general sense of restfullness. It has impacted all my relationships. I have been sleeping much better, and a catching up on months of lost sleep.


Leeya Mehta

The lessons that you have given me not only to help me in my personal but professional life have led me to try to enact more change in my org and within myself. I am grateful that Holly found you and that she encouraged me to step out of my box. The ROI has been more than worth it for me. 

Christian Tillett

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