The moment you step into a room, you’re (subconsciously) infecting the moods of your coworkers and employees.

You’re that powerful.

The moment you know how to influence their moods for the better?
You can vastly increase your company’s ROI, simply by adjusting your shoulders or breathing differently.

Now, that’s even more powerful!

I’m Jade Duggan, Corporate Wellness + Team Culture Expert. What I offer isn’t about trying to de-stress or “self-care” away the fact you want to punch your coworker (let’s call him Rob) in the face – every time he opens his mouth. Or meditate on why you and Tracy can’t seem to make one damn decision.

My leadership Method (The Duggan Method™) is based in ontology, biology and cognition. As well as your body’s responses. It teaches a practical, skill-based approach to corporate culture and leadership. So your company or business can…




















Team Effectiveness


Shared value + mission







I offer programs for individuals who want to be better leaders. As well as trainings for your entire team or department to increase communication and leadership in your culture.

Intensives, (on site) Trainings, Year-long Programs – in person or real-time online delivery

“More respectful and clear communication”

“The two agencies kind of looking at each other as nerds and cowboys…we actually got them communicating more clearly and respectfully using these skills!”

NSA Dude (we’d tell you his name, but we’d have to kill you)

FlowCatalyst Duggan Method Intensive:

Helping Leaders Shift Difficult Situations – so they can let go of stress, anxiety and (chronic) physical pain

Get the 12-part Duggan Method™ skill set in a group setting. Bring your current people issues. Whether it’s with a supervisor. An underperforming employee. Or passive-aggressive co-worker (or even a family member). I’ll show you exactly how to get to clarity and effectiveness without being mean or upset (or actually feeling that way).

Book this intensive for business and community leaders who want significant progress in two days. Or get your entire team on board, and turn expensive (and avoidable) communication glitches and mistakes into opportunities for growth.

Next available date: April 12-13

DC Metro area


Want to send your entire team?
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Duggan Method™ Year

The Duggan Leadership Program for Upleveling Your Organization’s Culture

Want to hire and retain your most dynamic talent? Get better results with your team? Become indispensable? Want a promotion?

This year-long Leadership Program guarantees results, like…


Hiring A-list talent


Keeping your most valuable players


Creating a culture of communication and respect


Getting hired in the preferred position


Securing a promotion within the year

It’s perfect for you if you want to lead a bigger team (you want a bigger role)… or if you run a small business and don’t have the funds to fly me in to train your people.

How it works: we meet 1 day a month, for 12 months (DC area), or 1 half-day a month for 6 months (if you opt for the online version).

Interested? Spots are limited. Apply to see if you and your team are a good fit.


On-Site Skills Training:

Soft skills with a Rocksolid ROI for teams of 12+ with oversight over other teams/divisions

½ to 1-day training (in person only)

Even the most successful companies have blind spots. Costly blind spots. Like employees operating as little islands… causing a lawsuit because of a communication glitch (who’s responsible?!). Or team members working on AUTOPILOT… unable to see the highly profitable opportunities in front of them. Bottomline…

Without value-infusing embodied awareness in EVERY interaction, your organization is bound to lose out on millions in missed opportunities, turnover and costly human errors. Traditional leadership and wellness programs won’t go this deep.

Fly me in to analyse your team’s culture, and work through current or core issues that, if left unacknowledged, will cause more serious cultural illness down the road.

Companies save a minimum of $100,000.00 by engaging me. Or even $1 MIL+ in the case of one of your fav soft drink companies.

On-site training includes…


1-2 hour consult with key stakeholders to analyse core issues


3-4 more interviews with team influencers


Work with your team members (conflict resolution, problem solving)


Pre + post assessments


Executive debrief

Ready to increase engagement, shared vision, opportunities created and ROI?

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Yes, this stuff will also help you in your personal life.

No, this isn’t navelgazing.

I’m leading a team of 8, and I’ll be honest… I was struggling. Recurring indifference and incompetence of my staff would leave me so angry, I felt depressed and physically sick driving to work.

I knew I needed support, I just don’t like sitting in a small group getting all touchy feely.

That’s where Jade’s program came in.

Unlike other small groups… this isn’t about wallowing in your emotions. Jade will help you identify issues, break them down and find practical solutions you can implement right away.

Jade, and her 12-month program were instrumental in helping me understand there are more productive ways to express dissatisfaction in performance. Her methods helped me not explode in the moment. She showed me how to tap into my body, being conscious of what I physically feel before I blow up, which is why I call this TEMPER SCHOOL!

Before, I just had emotions in my head. With a few simply tweaks I now feel emotions in my body. It’s been REVOLUTIONARY.

My team tells me I’m more approachable. And when they drop the ball, I don’t get upset about it. I joke to Jade saying “your voice is in my head!”. Because it is! When I’m getting angry I think of Jade telling me “Does being angry about this change what this person is doing?” and then I have to admit: “Ah, dammit! No, it’s not”. Jade has helped me be a better, more productive leader.”

Jen H. Physician, Division Lead

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